Ketamine: Effects, Medical Uses, Risks

Different administration routes produced comparable antidepressant effects, whereas the dose required for an antidepressant response varied between individuals, suggesting that dose titration should be done on an individual basis. In this study, higher doses resulted in greater antidepressant effects and, as expected, more pronounced psychotomimetic effects. Notably, as discussed by the authors, subcutaneous delivery is […]

What is the Cost of Alcohol Abuse? Alcoholism Cost

Learn how many people ages 12 to 20 engage in underage alcohol misuse in the United States and the impact it has. The current national average price is $1.77 for “Malt beverages, all types, all sizes, any origin, per 16 oz. (473.2 ml)”. This data is collected by a national survey and can vary from […]

Is there an alcoholic in your life? Alcoholics Anonymous

If you have a drug or alcohol problem but don’t want to go to AA, keep reading. There are still plenty of ways to get the treatment you need and start the healthy lifestyle you deserve. To sum up, incorporating these self-help strategies alongside professional guidance enhances chances of successful rehabilitation from addiction. They provide […]

Long-Term Effects of Alcohol: Dangers, Risks & Effects

My laboratory and several others are conducting trials of these medications, with results expected in the next one to two years. Detox will clear the alcohol from your system, helping your brain to re-achieve balance. Dopamine production will return to normal, and other parts of the recovery program will offer things that will help your […]

Cocaine Addiction Treatment and Rehab

A person who abuses cocaine is not automatically considered addicted to the drug, although they are at risk for addiction. N-acetylcysteine, by balancing glutamate function, may help reduce attentional bias to cocaine-related cues. People can find themselves in situations where taking drugs seems normal and acceptable. They are curious to discover what it is like […]

Cognitive Dissonance: Theory, Examples & How to Reduce It

When faced with a deadline, you could even cut corners to accomplish a task, but then experience discomfort when it’s done because you value hard work. When you do something or behave a certain way that goes against your values, you may experience cognitive dissonance. This clash of beliefs and disruption of thought can also […]

Serotonins Role in Alcohols Effects on the Brain PMC

Reinforcement is a key phenomenon in the development of addiction to alcohol and other drugs. Positive reinforcement is the process by which an action that results in pleasure, or reward, becomes repetitive. Many people find the mental effects of alcohol consumption (e.g., euphoria) rewarding; this effect may lead to positive alcohol and dopamine reinforcement and […]