In a couple, with children, at work of the confrontations are inevitable. The more serious the problem, the more important it is to learn how to discuss them, without causing each other pains. What is needed for this? The conflictologist tells.

Who takes the children to school this week, who made mistakes in

Žlica je idealna za mirni jutarnji seks. Meka, bez žurbe, ne previše duboko da bi konačno raspršili tadalafil pliva sna, a nakon nekog vremena želite ići na aktivnije akcije. Podignite nogu kako leži na vrhu, govoreći partneru, tako da se počeo intenzivnije kretati i stavio prste na svoj klitoris.

the report and how to correct them now, what to say mother -in -law about the upbringing of the grandson. Few issues are resolved by themselves, whatever it is about: about work, personal classes, upbringing, money or sexuality, and whoever we communicate with: friends, neighbors, colleagues or officials. But the problem is not in the conflict in which we could just find a solution, but in violence. How to avoid it, says conflictologist Igor Ratnikov.

“The conflict is resolved not with the help of any technique, but by softening the emotions that feed it,” emphasizes Igor Ratnikov. – Analyzing a set of reasons for the conflict, you can determine your own negative psychological attitudes and then change them. “. In social therapy, violence and conflict differ. Violence is destructive, it begins with the fact that we perceive the interlocutor as a threat, because his behavior bothers us or incomprehensible to us. Then we react at the level of reflexes – we threaten, avoid, blackmail, refuse to speak.

“The conflict, on the contrary, is constructive and often necessary,” the conflictologist continues. – At the same time, we enter the confrontation, but do not lose respect for each other. And we are trying to find solutions that take into account the interests of everyone “. Igor Ratnikov offers a set of tools that will help to learn to get into conflict, avoiding violence to come to cooperation.

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